Red Light Therapy with SE Led Belt

The Amazing Healing Power of LED Light Therapy


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What is Near Infrared (NIR)?

What is Red Light Therapy?

Why Red Light Therapy benefits all of us?

With LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology it is possible to isolate specific colours of light, as they each have different wavelengths, and radiate their light through the epidermis to stimulate different layers of the skin.

Red light, which has the longest wavelength, can reach about 2cm into the skin and is the most effective for anti-aging treatments because it stimulates skin cells, boosts cellular activity and promotes collagen and elastin production thus resulting in tighter, clearer, younger looking skin.

In addition to Near Infrared Light (NIR) the SE LED Belt has 64 Red LED lights.

Here is a diagram which illustrates exactly how the Red Light LED works:


How Red Light Therapy Works?

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"Sprained ankle much relieved in 2 days. Swelling & bruising (blue-black swollen mark) on knee faded off after 1 week!"

-- Ms. Jo Loi, 32, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"My mom's persistent feet pain & my dad's chronic severe backache eased after a few treatments."

-- Mdm. Suraya, 36, KL, Malaysia.



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