Red Light Therapy with SE Led Belt

The Amazing Healing Power of LED Light Therapy


 Versatile & Convenient. Use at home or in your car!




Special Considerations  


Facial Use 

1.    Close your eyes or wear protective eye covering when using Light Therapy over the face. 

2.    Use once or twice daily. 

3.    Make sure the LED light is 2cm away from the face. 

4.    Do not exceed 5 minutes each time. 



Discontinue use if any discomfort or skin irritation occurs, especially if you suffer from photosensitivity (can be caused by some medications). 


Read and Follow the Instructions Provided. 





The SE LED Belt is your best cost effective option!  



SE Led Belt Usage


  SE LED Belt can be used on various body areas: 

·         Abdomen 

·         Hips 

·         Thighs 

·         Waist & Lower Back 

·         Upper Back 

·         Shoulders 

·         Neck 

·         Arms & Elbows 

·         Wrists 

·         Knees  

·         Ankles 

·         Head 

·         Soles of Feet 










"Sprained ankle much relieved in 2 days. Swelling & bruising (blue-black swollen mark) on knee faded off after 1 week!"

-- Ms. Jo Loi, 32, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"My mom's persistent feet pain & my dad's chronic severe backache eased after a few treatments."

-- Mdm. Suraya, 36, KL, Malaysia.



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